The first Pininfarina Battista arrives in Canada, an ultra-rare hypercar being made in 150 units.

A stop in Toronto

Toronto is the place to be for this 1,900 horsepower all-electric car. The Battista, with a price tag of over $3 million, was delivered to its new owner by the brand’s exclusive Canadian distributor, Grand Touring Automobiles.

Rolled or parked?

“Many drivers use their cars for daily driving, then take them to a track to let loose. However, many people just put it in their collection and the car will stay there,” explains Pininfarina’s general manager Paolo Dellacha.

The first Pininfarina Battista in Canada

Regardless, Grand Touring General Manager Paul Cummings says that people who can afford a million-dollar-plus car usually own many million-dollar-plus cars. Cummings should know: the dealership also represents Bugatti, Koenigsegg and Rimac in Canada (not to mention less exotic cars like Lamborghini, Aston-Martin, Rolls-Royce and Bentley).

A different approach

With unique cars like the Battista, there is no showroom to view them. Grand Touring arranges factory tours for potential buyers, not only for test drives, but also to meet the designers and get a glimpse of the cars’ DNA. “I’d say it made a difference in their buying decisions,” Cummings says. He adds, “Driving an electric hypercar is very different from what these people drove in the past with big 12-cylinder engines. They have to understand that, understand the technology, and it has to work for them. You have to put a smile on their face.”

The first Pininfarina Battista in Canada

The first Pininfarina Battista in Canada is coming, with a production run that will be limited to 150 units worldwide. The price starts at 2.2 million euros, or about $3.3 million. This car is chassis number 99, which was the buyer’s choice.

According to reports, the buyer is a collector: “He was really intrigued when he saw the car in Geneva when it was unveiled in 2019. He saw it evolve and was part of the history of understanding how electrification will play in the super luxury world and the hypercar world,” shares the general manager of Grand Touring Automobiles.

With information from The Globe and Mail.