Teslas may have weaker OEM parts. Here is the Dorman solution to counter the whole thing.



Dorman is a company specializing in the production of spare parts for motor vehicles. Founded in 1918, the company has become a reference in the field thanks to the quality of its products and its commitment to innovation.

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With a strong reputation and global presence, Dorman has become a trusted name for automotive owners looking for premium quality replacement parts.


Suspension control arm and ball joint assembly for Tesla Model 3 2022-17 and Tesla Model Y 2022-20.



On certain Tesla Model 3 and Y vehicles, the front upper left control arm may crack and separate from the steering knuckle, often without warning and under normal driving conditions. This can cause a sudden and unexpected loss of steering control. The OE design also tends to trap moisture buildup against the ball joint. This can cause more and more frequent squealing at the front of the vehicle and ultimately lead to seal failure.


These Dorman OE FIX™ Upper Front Suspension Control Arm and Ball Joint Assemblies address these costly and dangerous potential failure points so vehicle owners can opt for a more permanent repair than offered by the factory design. . Unlike the plastic Tesla arm assembly, our improved arm design prevents stress cracking and joint separation by using a much stronger steel ball joint housing with a stamped steel arm secured by heavy-duty rivets . To help prevent damaging corrosion and moisture intrusion, the arm is electrostatically coated and the ball joint is protected by a completely sealed enclosure. Precision engineered and manufactured to help provide many miles of reliable service, these upgraded control arm assemblies are engineered to exactly match the fit of the factory assemblies, but far exceed in performance and durability.