Electric Retrofit: Converting Your Gasoline Car to Electric.

Here is a summary of the article “Is it possible and economically viable to convert your car to an electric vehicle?” written by Patrick de Bellefeuille and published on July 14, 2023, at 9:57 am on the MétéoMédia website. I invite you to read the full article on the [MétéoMédia website] to get a comprehensive view and understand all the details.

Electric retrofitting – converting a gasoline car to electric may seem appealing but poses several challenges, both technical and financial. According to Annie Levasseur, a professor at the School of Superior Technology, there are issues related to safety, suspension, and weight distribution, among others. Moreover, the process is costly and requires regulatory approval. She suggests that selling one’s gasoline vehicle and purchasing an electric one would be more advantageous.

Some people hesitate to buy electric vehicles due to the environmental impact of batteries. However, Levasseur explains that electric vehicles have a lower impact than gasoline cars when used over long distances, especially in areas where electricity is decarbonized, such as in Quebec.

Guillaume André, president and founder of Ingenext, asserts that electric conversion is more relevant for collector or specific vehicles, like mining or airport vehicles, due to the high conversion costs. His company focuses more on reusing and recycling accidented electric vehicles, reutilizing components in other vehicles, or selling them as spare parts.

In summary, it’s generally not economically viable to convert a conventional car into an electric vehicle, unless it’s a collector’s or specialized model. Nevertheless, efforts are underway to extend the lifespan of electric car batteries, which could make these vehicles even greener.

Although this technology isn’t yet standard on all cars, if you have battery issues, consider consulting a “Plug-in Garage” for repairs rather than replacing the entire battery unit.

Photo by : Maxim Hopman – Unsplash.