Even if electric cars don’t have a traditional internal combustion engine, they still require a coolant to keep their batteries and electronic components at optimum temperature. Antifreeze, also known as coolant, plays this crucial role. In this article, we’ll look at the importance of antifreeze replacement in an electric car (EV) and guide you through the process.

1. Why do electric cars need coolant?

  • EV cooling system: Unlike combustion engine vehicles, EVs use coolant primarily to regulate the temperature of batteries and electronic components.
  • Overheating protection: An overheated battery can shorten the life of the EV and, in extreme cases, present a fire hazard.

2. Signs indicating the need for coolant replacement :

  • Low coolant level: A low coolant level may indicate leakage or evaporation.
  • Change in color or presence of particles: Antifreeze should be replaced if it becomes cloudy or changes color.
  • Electronic monitoring: Some modern EVs will inform the owner when the coolant needs changing.
  • Owner’s manual: Always refer to your owner’s manual for vehicle-specific recommendations and replacement frequency.

3. How to replace the antifreeze in an electric car:

Rather than attempting this operation yourself, we strongly recommend that you consult a mechanic who is a member of the “Plugin Garages” network. These workshops are staffed by professionals specifically trained to service electric cars, ensuring a safe and qualified intervention. At present, the price of antifreeze can be quite expensive at the dealership, but several brands like Zerex are starting to cover many vehicles at a very attractive price.

4. The importance of safety when servicing an electric car :

Maintaining an EV presents unique challenges and hazards. Due to the high voltage present in batteries and electrical systems, it is crucial to ensure that only trained and qualified professionals carry out this maintenance. There is a real risk of electrocution or damage to expensive components if the uninitiated attempt to work on these systems.

Conclusion: Maintaining an efficient cooling system is essential for the longevity and safety of an electric car. Regular antifreeze replacement is an essential part of this maintenance. Always call on trained experts from the “Plugin Garage” network to ensure the safety and performance of your vehicle.