Our mission is to help you find a certified garage for the maintenance of electric and hybrid vehicles and to build a community of electric vehicle specialists.

Why Plug-in Garages

Plug-in Garages is a program that aims to inform and educate on the maintenance of electric vehicles. The objective is to facilitate the link between the owner of an EV and certified mechanical workshops trained to work on this type of vehicle.

Tips for maintaining your EV

Everyone knows the song, the only way to keep a vehicle in good condition and retain good resale value is through proper maintenance. Contrary to popular belief, it is no different for an electric car.

Although the electric car does not have a gasoline engine and components such as spark plugs, belt, exhaust, it also needs maintenance. Just like the gasoline-powered car, these cars have shocks, brakes, tires and much more.

In addition, due to the generally heavier weight caused by the batteries, these parts are sometimes more stressed and therefore require more regular maintenance.

On this website, you will discover the most common maintenance on electric and hybrid vehicles and you will be able to find a certified mechanic shop with the equipment and training to repair your vehicle in a safe and professional manner.

Find a Plug-in member

Thanks to the Plug-in Garages program and the tremendous work of the distributor store, trainers and mechanic shop, the number of qualified and fully trained mechanic-technicians with the proper protective tools is growing every day. Thanks to our geolocalized map, you will be able to find them easily, and this everywhere.

This website gathers avant-garde and pioneer garages in this field. In order to make their life easier, we have created a private section exclusively for professionals to discuss and sometimes even get advice on more complex situations.

If you are a professional and wish to have access to this section, contact us

Plug-in Garages for you

Under the umbrella of the Plug-in Garages image, participating workshops will haveaccess to training, promotional materials and an organized and impartial structureto develop a brand image recognized by the electromobilist consumer as being THE resource for the maintenance of his vehicle. The values to be transmitted are competence, universal and impartial association, simplicity and respect for standards.


In conclusion, we have given ourselves the mission to help the avant-gardists in terms of electrification of transportation to get together and regroup on the maintenance of electric vehicles.

Electric vehicle maintenance often required

Here are the electric and hybrid vehicle interviews often searched on the web.

Alignement des roues
It is recommended that you have your wheels aligned every year or when you notice the vehicle “pulling” to the left or right or when your tires are worn unevenly.

Read more.

Pose et balancement des pneus
Store, install, balance and store your summer or winter tires in one of our Plug-in members

Read more.

Find a garage to service your brakes or to replace brake pads, discs or calipers.

Read more.

With electronics becoming more and more prevalent, it is often necessary to have advanced diagnostic equipment (OBDII scan) to find the problem with your car.

Read more.

Have your electronics checked, tested or your battery replaced by a properly equipped mechanic.

Read more.

Suspension et direction
The replacement of suspension and steering parts should not be neglected. Please note that an alignment may be necessary after a replacement.

Read more.

If you plan to keep your vehicle for the long term, annual or permanent rustproofing is a reliable solution to prevent your car from rusting prematurely.

Read more.

Mécanique générale
For all your other mechanical needs. Find the perfect garage to meet your needs.

Read more.

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