If you follow the automotive news at all, you have already seen the yellow McLaren P1 that was submerged by water due to the hurricanes in Florida, eight months ago. If not, here’s a little preview.

McLaren P1

A real disaster

Indeed, you can see a 2.7 million dollars car being washed away. It hurts to watch. Even worse, this is one of the 375 existing models in the world of this hybrid hypercar. A real disaster.

McLaren P1

Why talk about this McLaren P1 again?

However, if you’re interested in car news again, you may have noticed that this same McLaren was bought by a popular Russian youtuber named Tavarish at auction for $780,000. He is mainly known for his rebuilding videos, where he buys broken or salvaged vehicles and restores them to working order. A bargain compared to the original price. However, the race car is practically a lost cause, with all of the car’s systems affected by water. Unless it isn’t.


The goal

Tavarish’s goal? Get this P1 back on its feet to keep an automotive icon alive. At the time of writing, the third episode of a series dubbed Rebuilding A Flooded $2,000,000 McLaren P1 has just been uploaded.

Rebuilding A Flooded $2,000,000 McLaren P1

According to the community, the episodes represent the most incredible restoration of a car on the entire web. Moreover, the whole thing has gained so much momentum that many people are offering their help to hear the sound of this twin-turbo V8 hybrid again.

If you’re interested in watching this series to see how Tavarish is doing with this incredible project, it’s right here.

An episode 4 is already planned, since as you can probably guess, it takes several hours to get a totally flooded car back on its feet. Will the ambitious youtuber manage to do the impossible? That’s what we’ll see at the end of the series.