The Mercedes EQS Brabus is born, courtesy of the German modifier, offering a superior autonomy and a crazy look, trademark of the house.


Brabus is a German high-performance tuning company that specializes in Mercedes-Benz and Maybach vehicles. The company was founded in 1977 by Bodo Buschmann and is based in Bottrop, Germany. Brabus is known for its high-end engine preparations, custom body kits, luxurious interiors and oversized wheels. The company also offers maintenance, repair and restoration services for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Brabus is considered one of the most prestigious tuning companies in the world, with an international clientele of celebrities, politicians and wealthy businessmen.

Mercedes EQS Brabus

Brabus means more

With Brabus, you should always expect more, both in terms of performance and price. The base Mercedes EQS has 658 horsepower and is available for $236,000. However, this time, the German modifier preferred to focus on the car’s range and appearance. The number of horsepower remains intact. It gets a carbon package combined with 22-inch monobloc wheels. It’s a double whammy, because with this addition, the range increases by 7% due to the vehicle’s greater efficiency. The initial range, already very high, of 600 km, now increases to 642 km. The pound-feet of torque is also untouched, at 950.

Mercedes EQS Brabus

At high speeds, the new front spoiler improves the car’s stability. We’re probably referring to a little test drive on the Autobahn here, a German highway with no speed limit. As for them, the addition of the diffuser and the rear wing provide an improved balance.

Mercedes EQS Brabus

It’s not rocket science, the company has dubbed the package for the Mercedes EQS Brabus the Masterpiece. The masterpiece is expensive, $369,000. A $100,000-plus change. That’s the price you pay for a vehicle from this prestigious brand.


With information from Motor1.