Fisker Unveils the Fisker Ronin, an Electric Car with a Range of Nearly 1000 km

Henrik Fisker, CEO of car manufacturer Fisker, recently stirred excitement among car enthusiasts by posting an image on his Instagram, offering a glimpse of the Fisker Ronin. This upcoming electric car boasts a range of about 1,000 km, thereby posing significant competition to Chinese models already in the market. While some details are yet to be revealed, this preliminary revelation already piques the interest of performance electric car enthusiasts.

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A Challenge Taken Up by Fisker Ronin:

While electric cars with a 1,000 km range seemed like a distant dream, Chinese manufacturers have begun to breach this barrier with models like the Zeekr 001 and Nio ET7, which are already available in Europe. Lucid Motors also made a significant market entrance with its Lucid Air, offering a WLTP range of 883 km. However, American automaker Fisker also wants a slice of the pie with the Fisker Ronin.

An Estimated Range of 1,100 km:

Details on this upcoming GT sedan, likely a convertible, are still limited, but the latest 3D render shared by Henrik Fisker on Instagram provides a realistic preview of the Fisker Ronin. The caption accompanying the image mentions the car being “super fast and will seat 5 people! The perfect Grand Touring car with an estimated range of 600 miles” (about 965 km). However, it remains to be determined if this estimation refers to the stricter American EPA homologation cycle rather than the European WLTP. If so, it could imply a range nearing 1,100 km.


Source : Fisker

Anticipated Release by 2025:

It’s worth noting that the Fisker Ronin is likely not to be available until 2025, with early estimates suggesting a selling price of $200,000 excluding taxes. The car’s launch might even see delays, given that the Fisker Pear, another model from the brand priced at under $30,000, has been pushed back to 2025 from 2024.

Rising Competition:

By 2025 or 2026, other electric car manufacturers will have also advanced their models, especially with larger capacity batteries that can recharge in under 10 minutes. Toyota, for instance, announced a target of a 1,500 km range and a 10-minute recharge time by 2027 to 2028, thanks to solid-state batteries. As a result, the Fisker Ronin’s feat might appear less remarkable.

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