The Plug-in Garages Bootcamp: An Electric Car Mechanics Training Course Already a Success!

From August 14th to 18th, Plug-in Garage is hosting its Bootcamp focused on the mechanics of electric vehicles. We are delighted to see the success that this event is already garnering!

Expert Training

Our expert trainers, Pierre and Donald, are passionately and expertly imparting their know-how. Thanks to them, each student receives both comprehensive and personalized training in electric vehicle mechanics. Positive feedback from our participants is already pouring in, praising the relevance and quality of the training.

All-Inclusive Experience

Besides the educational aspect, we offer our participants a comfortable experience. They are accommodated in a pleasant hotel, and meals are included in the package, allowing for a fully immersive and serene experience during the training.

Future Opportunities

If you’re not with us this time, don’t worry! Our next Bootcamp is already planned and will be held from January 22nd to 26th. Stay tuned: we will soon announce the registration dates.

Gratitude and Excitement

A big thank you to all our current participants for their enthusiasm and commitment. We are looking forward to welcoming even more enthusiasts during our next session at Plug-in Garages! Follow us on Facebook.