OBDII Diagnostic

For a diagnosis, it is best to consult a professional mechanical workshop that will have the appropriate equipment to accurately pinpoint the problem with your electric car

Automotive diagnostics

The diagnostic on a car is often done with the help of a tablet that the mechanical workshops have to take a reading of the electronic system of the vehicle. They will be able to learn more about the warning lights in the dashboard or to do a reprogramming after a part has been replaced.

The many sensors present on a car are not only able to assist in driving, but also to control the proper functioning of the vehicle components. When a light comes on, the sensor may be defective or it may indicate a more serious problem.


On many recent vehicles, after the replacement of several electronic parts, it is now necessary to reprogram or relearn. This can only be done with a professional tablet like Autel’s.

The mechanic then connects his tablet to the vehicle’s OBDII port and follows the manufacturer’s procedure.

Cheap Bluetooth OBDII scanner

There are many models of OBDII scanners on the market, many of which even connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. They generally work well, but are far from the diagnostic accuracy of a real professional tablet and will sometimes point to the problem much less accurately.


In conclusion, more and more, the use of a professional diagnostic device will become necessary to repair a vehicle. They offer a diagnosis or a lead to the problem in a very precise way in record time. It is therefore recommended that you always contact a professional mechanical workshop to perform the diagnosis on your vehicle.


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