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Many people associate the electric car with a big technological gadget with no mechanics, but this belief is false. The electric car has many components in common with a gasoline car.

Like the gasoline car, the electric car has a general mechanics, like suspension system, brakes, wheel bearings, numerous sensors and electronic modules in addition to the components specific to an electric vehicle.

Hybrid vehicle

Very practical, the hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicle has all the components of the gasoline vehicle in addition to those of the electric vehicle. This vehicle is therefore heavier and more technical.

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The mechanical shop that performs repairs on these vehicles must not only be trained on how to operate the vehicles, but also follow various training and procedures on safety and how to properly protect themselves from electrical shocks.

Full safety equipment, including expensive insulated tools, is required to work on an electric or hybrid car.

Therefore, a mechanical workshop must prepare in advance when it wishes to repair a vehicle of the type and must follow precise procedures.


In conclusion, the electric vehicle is full of mechanical and electronic parts and it is quite possible to do business with a mechanical workshop instead of going to the dealer. It is only necessary that the mechanical workshop has taken the turn and is equipped to work on this type of vehicle which is more and more popular on our roads.

That’s why we’ve created this platform, which brings together these forward-thinking mechanical shops to help you find your next trusted mechanic.


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