Suspension and steering

Suspension and steering

Have the steering and suspension parts replaced by a professional.

Suspension and steering maintenance

Even on an electric vehicle, proper maintenance of suspension and steering parts is essential. In fact, all these parts directly affect the driving and safety of your vehicle.

With your trusted mechanic, you will be able to properly inspect and repair your suspension and have the peace of mind that your vehicle will always meet industry standards. Always choose original quality replacement parts!

Quality of suspension and steering parts

As with anything, there is a wide range of quality choices. Ranging from basic quality to products that surpass the original quality, we advise you to always choose a quality that is as close as possible to that of the manufacturer. Choose recognized national brands. (Moog, Dorman, Mevotech, Monroe, etc.).

Recognized parts manufacturers work hand in hand with automotive manufacturers, sometimes even being the main suppliers to automotive manufacturers for original parts. While less expensive alternatives exist, homegrown and economy brands may give you more problems. The failure of a poor quality part can lead to the failure of other components of your vehicle. You should therefore avoid private label parts in white boxes without knowing the source or manufacturer.


Suspension and steering parts are directly related to the proper functioning of your alignment. After changing a steering or suspension part, it is recommended to evaluate the alignment of your vehicle. Adjustments may be required to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

When should I go to the garage?

It is recommended that you visually inspect your suspension and steering components when you change your tires or service your brakes. Unusual noises or behavior can be a good indicator. If you suspect a problem, it is recommended that you quickly consult your trusted mechanic for further investigation.

If your shocks are tired and worn, they will be less firm, you may feel your vehicle “float”, you may feel a “dive” effect when braking, or the car will lean and create a “roll” effect when you take a turn.

Waiting is a bad idea. In addition to affecting your safety, you risk damaging other parts that can significantly increase your maintenance bill. Prevention is always a good choice.


In conclusion, never wait to have your vehicle repaired. Make sure your mechanic installs original or equivalent quality replacement parts. Ask about the warranties and brands of the parts that will be installed. Avoid house brands or no names. Finally, make sure that if an alignment is required, that your mechanic will be able to suggest it to you in order to avoid premature wear of your tires and hinder safe driving.

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