Purchase and installation of tires for electric vehicles

Make an informed choice for your next tires and find the right mechanical shop to install them.

Winter and summer tires

The electric car is equipped with the same type of tires as a traditional gasoline car, that is, all brands with the same dimensions and specifications will do. With these much quieter vehicles, tire manufacturers have designed quieter tires to minimize rolling noise.

It is therefore recommended that you look at the noise specifications when shopping for your new tires. They don’t have to be specifically for electric vehicles, but a quieter tire will give you an extra degree of comfort and a better experience.

Branded and economy tires

Branded and economy tires Some are excellent and others a little less so. For your safety, it is important to look at comparisons and people’s opinions. There are low cost or discount tires that offer good performance at a good price like Mazzini brand tires.

If you’re looking for quality at any price, brands like Continental, Nokian or Michelin fight for the top spot in many tire comparisons every year.

Tire mail-in rebates

Each season, tire manufacturers offer discounts in the form of cash back. These discounts are often sent directly from the manufacturer and not from the garage, so you are entitled to them from one place to another.

Tire installation and storage

The installation and balancing of tires is a trivial task, but very important. The price of the installation can vary greatly depending on the size of the tire, whether it is low profile or runflat.

To have your tires installed and balanced, you are better off finding a meticulous mechanical shop that will take care of your rims and tighten your lug nuts to original specifications.

Finally, many tire installers also offer tire storage, which can be convenient if you don’t have room at home or if you don’t want to carry your tires with you twice a year.


In conclusion, for your electric car, we recommend choosing a tire that is especially quiet and to look carefully at comparisons and reviews in order to make a good and informed choice.

When the time comes to store, you may be eligible for a mail-in rebate. Ask a dealer if your chosen tire model is eligible.

When should I install my winter tires?


It has been proven that when the temperature is 7 degrees and below, a summer tire does not perform well enough. This is why many experts recommend installing winter tires when the average temperature reaches 12 degrees Celsius.

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