Wheel alignment

Wheel alignment

Learn more about wheel alignment and why you may not want to wait to make a garage appointment.

Apprenez-en plus sur l'alignement des roues et sur pourquoi vous devriez peut-être ne pas attendre avant de prendre rendez-vous au garage.

Wheel alignment consists of making sure that the parallelism and the angle of your wheels and tires are perfectly perpendicular to the road. A properly aligned vehicle ensures that your vehicle drives straight.

The misalignment of your wheels is usually caused by poor road conditions, holes, bumps or aging mechanical parts that ensure a good fit.

Why do an alignment?

The alignment of your vehicle ensures better handling and safety. If you ignore the signs, you won’t get the maximum performance from your vehicle as you did when you purchased it.

A vehicle with an erratic alignment could cause your braking distances to be longer. Your tires are not perfectly supported on the road. Your vehicle may also be inclined to “pull” to the left or right. This could cause your vehicle to run off the road. Now imagine yourself on an icy, snowy or wet surface.

Also, a misalignment will wear your tires unevenly over time and the cost of replacing your tires will be much higher than an annual alignment.

When to have your wheels aligned?

It is good practice to have the vehicle inspected every year or 15,000 kilometers. If you notice strange behavior when you let go of the steering wheel, the vehicle goes to the left or right. During the visual inspection, your wheels do not seem straight or the wear of your tires is uneven, do not wait any longer and have the alignment of your vehicle checked.

Where to do the wheel alignment?

Many mechanical shops are specialized in alignment and have the necessary equipment to make this type of adjustment on your vehicle. An experienced mechanic will quickly find the cause and perform the maintenance.

In conclusion, alignment should never be overlooked. In addition to ensuring safety, damage caused by misalignment of the wheels will cost you more than a preventive alignment.


4 signs of misalignment

In the vast majority of cases, tire misalignment is caused by various road imperfections. A hole, a bump or any other road nuisance can be the cause of these mechanical problems. In addition, wheel alignment can be affected if a curb has been inadvertently hit or if a suspension change has been made recently.

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