Choosing the Best Path: Dealership or Mechanic for Your Electric Car? Here are 7 Convincing Reasons!

With the rising popularity of electric cars, more and more owners are wondering whether it’s better to get their electric vehicle repaired at a dealership or by an independent mechanic. While dealerships have traditionally been the go-to choice for repairs, there are strong reasons to consider a mechanic for work on an electric car. Here are some advantages to consider:

Versatile Expertise

Independent mechanics often handle a variety of vehicles, allowing them to acquire diversified expertise. This means they have a broader understanding of electrical and mechanical systems, which is crucial for complex electric cars.

Lower Costs

Dealerships may charge higher rates due to their operating costs and maintaining their brand image. Independent mechanics tend to offer more competitive hourly rates, which can result in substantial savings for electric car owners.


Independent mechanics are often more flexible and willing to tailor their services to the specific needs of each customer. They can provide you with more personalized solutions and meet specific maintenance and repair requests.

Better Accessibility

In some regions, dealerships may be located a considerable distance away, while independent mechanics are generally more widespread and easily accessible. This can be advantageous for electric car owners who want to avoid long trips for repairs or regular maintenance.

Shorter Wait Times

Dealerships can be very busy, which can result in longer wait times to get an appointment. Independent mechanics often have more flexible schedules and may be able to serve you more quickly.

Personalized Service

Independent mechanics tend to offer more personalized service and establish trusting relationships with their customers. You’ll be able to speak directly with the mechanic and get customized advice for maintaining your electric car.

Multiple Repair Options

Unlike dealerships that tend to simply replace parts, mechanics can offer you both options: repairing the part or replacing it with a new one. They will guide you to choose the most advantageous solution for your situation.

Here’s a video from Pierre explaining the choice for a repair:

Ultimately, the choice between an independent mechanic and a dealership for your electric car repairs will depend on your personal preferences, budget, and the availability of skilled professionals in your area. Before making a decision, it’s recommended to do thorough research, ask for recommendations, and consult reviews from other electric car owners to choose the best option for your specific needs. That’s why Plug-in Garages offers comprehensive and versatile training for the repair and maintenance of electric cars. To help you find an Atelier Branché certified mechanic, visit this page.

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