Innovation in Camping: The Ingenious Accessory that Uses Your Electric Car to Air Condition or Heat Your Tent

When outdoor adventure and electric mobility come together, exciting innovations emerge. Campstream, a Swedish start-up founded by Anders Nilvius, a former designer at Thule, has created an ingenious solution for camping enthusiasts: the Campstream One. This innovative device allows you to air-condition or heat a tent using the power of an electric car, providing optimal comfort regardless of the external weather conditions.

The Essence of Campstream One

The Campstream One is designed for modern adventurers who own electric cars, such as Tesla Model 3 and Y, as well as Rivian R1T and R1S. With this innovative accessory, the tent becomes a comfortable space, no matter whether the thermometer reads hot or cool temperatures.

Fenetre climatisée

Simple and Intelligent Installation

The idea behind Campstream One is as simple as it is brilliant. The device consists of a hose approximately three meters long that connects to your electric car. A special unit, placed on one of the side windows of your vehicle, allows the hose to pass through. It is then connected to one of the heating or air-conditioning vents on the car’s dashboard.

The opposite end of the hose is inserted into the tent. And that’s where the magic happens. By adjusting the temperature inside your electric car, you also control the temperature inside your tent. With a mobile application, you can make these adjustments remotely. To top it all off, Campstream thought of everything by including a USB-C cable through the hose, allowing you to charge your electronic devices.

Clever Features

Campstream One doesn’t forget the sun factor. With reversible sleeves for the hose (silver on one side and black on the other), you can harness solar light to maximize system performance. Campstream has anticipated every need for a modern and comfortable camping experience.

controle de température

Pursuing Outdoor Comfort

Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, Campstream One plans to enter the market at an affordable price. If the campaign is a success, pre-orders will be honored at a price of 3,940 Swedish crowns (approximately $490). Otherwise, it will be available for $499. This innovation promises to change the way we experience our outdoor adventures and redefine the notion of comfort in camping.

Your Opinion Matters!

So, what do you think? Would you be tempted by this air-conditioning and heating solution for your tent using your electric car? Share your thoughts, opinions, and comments below. We look forward to discovering your views on this exciting innovation. Stay connected with Campstream to learn more about this modern, electric camping revolution.

While this technology isn’t yet standard on all cars, if you have problems with your battery, you can consult a Plug-in Garages for repair instead of replacing the entire battery unit.

Photo credit: Campstream