The SolarBotanic Trees: A Bridge Between Nature and Electric Mobility

Renewable energy has made significant strides, guiding us towards a greener future. Among the most notable innovations, SolarBotanic trees stand out. These trees, scheduled for a European launch in the third quarter of 2023, could revolutionize electric vehicle charging.

What is a SolarBotanic Tree?

SolarBotanic trees mimic the appearance of real trees and are equipped with nanotechnological “leaves” capable of capturing both solar and wind energy. Each tree can provide up to 5KW of energy, positioning itself as a significant ally for the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem.

Interconnection with EVs:

  • Natural Charging Station: Imagine a parking lot where each tree, in addition to providing shade, also serves as a charging station for your electric vehicle. A coffee break could be enough to power your vehicle with clean, renewable energy.
  • Economic Efficiency: Thanks to their power output, these trees could contribute to a significant reduction in EV charging costs, making the experience more economical for users.

How Does it Work?

  • Solar Energy: The “nanoleaves” absorb solar light and convert it into electricity, similar to traditional solar panels.
  • Wind Energy: The movement of the leaves, caused by the wind, also generates electricity.
  • Charging Electric Vehicles:

A single SolarBotanic tree, with its impressive 5KW capacity, can recharge an electric car with a 50 kWh battery in just 7 hours, taking its charge from 20% to 80%. Moreover, the vision behind these trees is that they will be interconnected, forming mini-energy networks. The excess energy generated could then be redistributed and used by the general electric grid.

European Launch:

Europe is about to host the first public deployment of SolarBotanic trees in Q3 2023. This innovation could transform our approach to green energy, particularly for EV owners.


With SolarBotanic trees, the fusion between technology and nature is perfectly illustrated. As the popularity of EVs continues to grow, innovations like this not only make the transition to electric mobility easier but also make it more environmentally friendly.

And it’s not just about charging cars: with the use of storage batteries, these trees can power an entire home, combining utility, energy efficiency, and biomimetic aesthetics.

Although this technology is not yet standard in all cars, if you have battery issues, you can consult a specialized workshop to perform the repair instead of replacing the entire battery unit.

Image sources: SolarBotanic Trees